Sauder Village

The Spieker Company was selected in the Fall of 2018 as the General Contractor to install the foundations for the future 1920’s town at Historic Sauder Village in Archbold Ohio.   On June 15, 2020 and 20 months later, The Spieker Company had not only completed the original foundations, but the whole new 1920’s town!!

The new construction was designed to replicate an actual 1920’s town, but also to maintain current building design and codes.  Many of the building materials were either custom made or materials from actual buildings from the 1920’s, which were incorporated into the new construction and design.

All of the exterior building storefronts, exterior facades, interior casework, wood windows and interior wood trims were all hand made by The Spieker Company and it’s suppliers.  The craftmanship is truly amazing!!

Many days and hours were spent working thru historic details to insure the new 1920’s town was a reality.  This project was a great success due to the working relationship with everyone at Sauder Village, The Buehrer Group and The Spieker Company. 

Project Data

  • Client: Sauder Village
  • Architect: Buehrer Group
  • Contract: $6,300,000.00
  • Completion: June 2020
  • Location: Archbold, OH