Safety Policy

Spieker Safety Protocols

  • Spieker General Contractors has instituted several measures and procedures to ensure workplace safety. We require all new employees to go through an exhaustive safety compliance training, and all employees must complete a jobsite safety orientation at the start of any project.
  • Each week, all Superintendents conduct a Job Safety Analysis and Toolbox Talk Meeting to discuss relevant safety issues, with each meeting recorded and submitted to the Director of Health and Safety. Additionally, we have outlined specific responsibilities that are summarized below.
  • For our complete Safety and Health Policy and Statement, please download PDF here: Safety and Health Policy

It is the responsibility of the Safety Director, Project Managers, and Project Superintendents to:

  • Provide ongoing supervision of all construction site and shop facility activities to ensure workplace health and safety 
  • Conduct frequent and regular inspections of conditions, practices, and safety equipment 
  • Complete Notification of Hazard paperwork when unsafe conditions are found
  • Promptly respond to workplace hazardous conditions 
  • Provide engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Assign trained and qualified personnel for hazardous tasks
  • Immediately report workplace safety hazards and violations as well any accident, injury, or near misses 
  • Maintain proper safe work practices  
  • Offer timely first aid treatment 
  • Cooperate with all accident investigations

It is the responsibility of all subcontractors to:

  • Provide an onsite competent person, one who can identify existing and predictable hazards that are unsanitary or dangerous, and who has the authorization to take prompt corrective measures
  • Understand and comply with Spieker safety policies and all OSHA regulations specific to their trade
  • Comply with corrective actions when a violation occurs
  • Provide and use engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Report construction site safety hazards and violations as well any accident or injury to the Spieker superintendent