About Us

Building {the Foundation of} Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan Since 1888

No matter where you look in southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio, or middle Ohio, you will find a footprint of Spieker General Contractors. Since 1888, we have been laying foundations of iconic construction buildings. From schools to hospitals, industries to corporate offices, and community buildings to churches, Spieker has been the general contractor for local construction projects that are still impacting the community. 

Spieker’s new office welcomes our clients and showcases the design and construction capabilities of our team
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Spieker General Contractors is committed to customer service and satisfaction. Our history shows that we are determined to build quality, new construction buildings as well as create long-standing relationships built on:


We believe integrity is the foundation for all construction projects and services. Spieker project managers are fair and honest when utilizing the construction cost estimator to determine building material and labor costs.


We hire qualified subcontractors and construction workers who go above and beyond to make a job right. Our commitment to excellence and quality is also evidenced in securing the best materials available.


We have built a reputation for being reliable and professional. And because of our commitment to customer service during all construction jobs, so many of our customers refer new business to us. In addition, 80% of the construction work we perform is with repeat customers.


Completing construction jobs safely according to industry standards while exceeding expectations is what we do. We won’t ever compromise our standards for time or money.


The construction team at Spieker is the hardest working group you’ll find in the Toledo, Ohio area. No matter the size of the construction job, we are known for getting the job done efficiently and precisely.